BCM300 – Blog Post 4

The prototype pitch for Arsonist Al was a great success. Our group was able to speak about every part of the game’s production, from its mechanics and pieces to the cost of manufacture and sale price. Our speaking was accompanied by a Prezi slideshow giving a visual aid to the points we were talking on.

When it comes to my contribution to the presentation, I was in charge of writing the narrative aspect of the game, and so that is what I spoke about in the presentation. Talking about the narrative was a natural decision as the game idea was mine, and I had personally developed the story for my previous blog post where I spoke about the history of the story, the town, and the characters. I also touched on the way their history plays a part in the overall narrative of the game.

Along with my spoken presentation, I added my chosen text to the on-screen Prezi. I used as much detail as I could, drawing from the narrative blog post as well as adding some more detail in regarding Mr Stevens the detective and the history of some of the characters. The Prezi was already set up by Eliza who did a great job at orchestrating the four of us to getting it done on time. We each put a fairly equal amount in to this presentation which was good to see.

Overall, the presentation was a great success. We had very positive feedback from the teacher as well as the other students and this gives me a lot of hope and motivation moving in to the individual game development. I hope I can carry the same success that Arsonist Al has brought, on to my next project.


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